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February 2015

Mike Matera partners with James and Beestera Soccer Training was born.

June 2018

James Beeston takes on a full-time role as a supplemental trainer & head of marketing.

January 2019

Became Official Youth Partners of New York City Football Club

March 2019

Josh Binfield joins in the staff on a part-time basis.

May 2019

Mike Matera takes on a full-time role as Camp Director


March 2017

Became official ambassadors of equipment provider SKLZ


October 2018

Matt Needham takes on a full-time role as Director of Team Training & Finances.

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October 2014

Beeston Soccer Training is formed in Albany, New York by James Beeston.

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May 2019

Beestera expands into goalkeeping as Ryan Brooks-Newton becomes the Beestera Goalkeeping Coach

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October 2020

'Beestera Sports' is announced with the additional of 'Beestera Football' led by QB coach Billy Pine.


September 2020

Beestera partners with  StatSports for the #ProLevels campaign.

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October 2020

Contributed in Doug Lemov's 'The Coach's Guide to Teaching'

March 2021

Beestera becomes an official Nike Sports Camp partner

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June 2021

Beestera launches 'The Foundation' - a non-profit program that provides support in underserved communities, led by Josh Binfield.


August 2021

Carlos Menjivar joins the staff as the Head of Specialized Classes


July 2021

Kurtis Smith joins the staff as the Head of Team Training





Beestera Soccer Training, LLC (BST) was originally formed in Albany, New York as Beeston Soccer Training, LLC by James Beeston. James had just graduated from Siena College, and had been building relationships the local soccer clubs. Having coached various teams both in the UK and the US, he felt as though players weren’t maximizing their potential in a team-setting, and wanted to focus on individual development.



Mike Matera joined the company, and partnered with James to form Beestera Soccer Training, LLC. Mike shared James' passion regarding development of the individual, thus, a club-neutral, supplemental training experience was established. By offering one-on-one and small group training, Beestera became one of the first 'companies' in the country to do so. Soon after, BST introduced summer camps and clinics. The first week-long camp took place in Latham, NY with twelve players in attendance.



James left the company in order to pursue a master's degree and became the assistant coach of Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. He was replaced as an owner by Matt Needham, a former Siena teammate of both James and Mike, who brought with him his own portfolio of supplemental clients. This also allowed BST to launch a new service of team training, with local youth organization Brunswick Soccer Club becoming the first club on board. BST started to amass a book of dedicated clients doing weekly individual sessions. Camps also expanded, with three week-long camps held during the summer and the first two day elite soccer clinic, averaging 20 registrations at each camp.



Supplemental sessions remained steady, with Mike and Matt still part-time, yet camps expanded, with a fourth week being added to the summer schedule. Beestera also became an official partner of equipment provider SKLZ.



The company saw growth in both supplemental training and camps, and also saw James Beeston return as the company’s first full time employee, taking the lead on supplemental sessions and marketing. As demand for private sessions grew, Matt was soon able to follow, expanding his role inside the company into a full-time position, heading up the finance and HR sections of the company.



The year started with BST becoming official youth partners of New York City Football Club. Josh Binfield joined the BST staff on a part-time basis. With the addition of Josh, operations increased in the Team training sector, with Averill Park SC, Rip Van Winkle SC, Rotterdam United SC and Niskayuna SC added. Mike Matera took the role of Camp Director and as a result expanded to eight weeks through the summer, averaging 50 players at each camp. BST also expanded the business with the creation of Beestera Goalkeeping, led by Ryan Brooks-Newton.



Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a year of opportunity. With the lock-down taking effect in mid March of 2020, in-person operations were put on hold, however, BST introduced an interactive online training program. In-person operations started back up in June, and BST posted its most successful summer to date.

Camps had over 900 registrations over ten weeks and multiple locations. Beestera Sports, a company dedicated to individual and small group training in all sports was created, and the first sport Beestera Football was soon to follow, with Billy Pine beginning operations in October of 2020. James Beeston contributed in Doug Lemov’s book ‘The Coaches Guide to Teaching’ and sessions were videoed as an educational tool for US Soccer.



Latham Saints and FC Dutchmen were added to the team training. BST entered an official partnership with Nike Sports Camps, and led its first Nike soccer camp at Afrims Sports Park in Colonie, NY. With 190 players in attendance, it became the largest Nike Soccer camp in their history. Summer camps expanded into four new locations, and introduced multiple camps in the same week.

BST added numerous coaches to lead supplemental sessions, Leigh Howard (UAlbany Women’s Head Coach), Graciano Brito (Siena College Men’s Head Coach), Allison Clark, Carlos Menjivar, Kurtis Smith, and Brendan Griffiths. Carlos and Kurtis all joined the staff on a part-time basis, each taking up a specific role within the company. The 'Breakfast Club' was also introduced in the summer months, led by Matt Needham.

The Beestera Foundation was announced in 2021. Led by Josh Binfield, the new philanthropic initiative was created to improve the quality of Youth Soccer throughout the Capital Region. In November 2021, Beestera launched the 'Train at Home' app. Accessible for players to use all over the world, the app provides structure and challenge through the Beestera methods in different elements of the game.  

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