How Do I Sign Up?

Scroll down and sign up for our camps & clinics list. Whenever a new event is announced, you'll be given a link to sign up.

What are the Age Ranges?

Players range from 8-14 years old. Players will be grouped according to age and ability. We welcome both male and female players, but we stress that only players willing to take ownership of their development should sign up.

Who Attends These Clinics?

These clinics are an intense 2.5 hours of training and we welcome anyone within the age range that is wanting to take ownership of their development. These clinics are typically capped and always reach capacity.

Is there a Cancellation Policy?

If a request has been submitted 24 hours prior to the clinic starting, there will be a full credit issued to be applied to any future Beestera camp or clinic. If a request is submitted within 24 hours of the clinic starting, there will be no refunds/credit applied.


What are the Hours?

Full Day: 9am-3pm Half Day: 9am-12pm *There is an early drop-off (8am) and late pick up (4pm) for an additional fee.

What are the Ages Ranges?

Players range from 6-14 years old.

Are there Multiple Locations?

Yes! We offer our camps in multiple locations across the Capital Region. Here is our list of Locations from summer 20201... Afrims Albany Averill Park Brunswick Guilderland Latham Niskayuna Rip van Winkle Rotterdam

Is there a Cancellation Policy?

All of our camps are partnered with Nike US Sports Camps. Please contact 1-800-645-3226 for any refunds or issues with registration. You can also email Sam Zisette at

COVID19 Safety & Regulations

Please visit:

1:1/ Small Groups

How Are The Sessions Structured?

Due to our high demand, sessions are typically structured in a 'carousel' format. Two or Three coaches will be present at the session and players rotate between coaches for a period of one hour. The session topic will remain constant among the coaches, but each will have their own unique drills. If you would like to work on something specific, please let the coach know a day prior to the session commencing.

What is the Cost?

The cost is dependent on the number of players in the session: 1 player = $80 2 players = $50 each 3 players = $40 each 4+ players = $30 each

How Do I Schedule a Session?

The quickest way to schedule a session is to text 518-752-3008. You can also fill in the 'Schedule a Session' form, or email

Does This Replace Team Training?

Absolutely not. There are certain things in team training that we simply cannot replicate in a 1:1 or small group session. These sessions are used to supplement team training. If there is a choice between team training and our sessions, team training should come first.

Is There a Cancellation Policy?

We value your time and we would appreciate you valuing ours -- especially because we have many players who wish to book sessions. We want to be somewhat flexible, but a late cancellation means that we may not have the ability to fill that time slot, therefore: Cancelations received within 12 hours of the training session starting will be charged a full payment fee. Cancelations received between 12-24 hours of the training sessions starting will be charged a half payment fee. Cancelations received beyond the listed times above will not be charged. Rescheduling Policy We’re here to support your busy life, so you can reschedule your session, as long as it’s 24+ hours from the scheduled date. Contact to reschedule your session. A request to reschedule a session within 24 hours will be considered the same as a cancellation and will have the same layered consequences as the cancellation policy listed above. *We reserve the right to make certain exceptions to these policies as needed such as a medical emergency etc.

How Often Should We Train?

We want players to have the flexibility of choice. Some players choose to train with us three times a week, some train three times a year. Choosing when to train with us is up to you, but we recommend consistency for advice, structure, and drills to work on at home.

Team Training

What Does the Beestera Curriculum Consist Of?

Our Team Training Director Kurtis Smith has designed a curriculum that emphasizes the improvement of players' technical ability and decision making skills.

Do Beestera Coaches Take the Team for Games?

No. We are specifically hired to train the team. The club coach will lead the team on game days.

What if We Don't Want the Beestera Curriculum?

Beestera is here for you. If your team need a specific area to work on, our curriculum is easily tailored to suit the individual needs of teams.

How Are The Sessions Structured?

Topic related... 1. Warm up Games/prep 2. Smaller Technical Component 3. Bigger Phase of Play 4. Conditioned Game

Specialized Classes

Breakfast Club: What is the Format?

1. Activation/Prep 2. Smaller soccer specific drills 3. Expansive endurance activities. 4. Finisher/yoga

Breakfast Club: What Time Does These Sessions Start?

The sessions start at 7:00am sharp. We purposely start at this time to see who is serious about their development over the summer months.

Breakfast Club: Who Attends These Sessions?

All ages are welcome. The Breakfast club will be a community of players dedicated to improving their physical skills. Players will be grouped by age and ability, however interaction between all players will be highly encouraged. Older players will be encouraged to act as mentors to younger players and younger players will see what it takes to achieve at the college level.

Breakfast Club: Is There a Cancellation Policy?

No, for a reason. It gives an excuse for players not to attend if they wake up feeling unmotivated. We only want to work with the players serious about getting better - those that drag themselves out of bed and get the work done regardless of how they feel.

Game-Principle Sessions: What's the Difference Between This and Small Group Sessions?

Game-Principles have a specific topic that players build on throughout the 4 or 6 week module. 1:1/ small group lessons vary in topic per week.

Game-Principle Sessions: What are some Topics?

Topics include... Transition (Attacking & Defending) Position-specific In Possession: Ball Striking & Finishing Ball Retention - Connecting & Combining Ball Mastery and 1v1 Domination Out of Possession: Practicing Patience, Timing, and Anticipation when Defending. Defending when Outnumbered