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Five Stars

"While the soccer skills training my sons have had from Beestera training is second to none, it is the work on the mental aspect of the game that will serve them best. My younger son is hearing words like leadership, resilience and practice and learning how they relate to success which will help in soccer and everything else he wants to do in life. My older son, already a fairly accomplished soccer player and team leader, has been sharpening his competitive mindset and learning when to share the ball and when to demand it for himself. They have both grown exponentially through your camps and individual and small group training sessions. I wish that we had found Beestera sooner!"

      - Amy D

"Extremely well run camp! The organization and communication are top notch. Daily themes, thoroughly planned activities and skills for the kids to work on make it a complete experience."

      - Abby T

"My son came off of a bad leg break this spring season of soccer. It took a toll physically and mentally. The Beestera Training was recommended through a teammate and it has been the best inspiration I could’ve asked for. The students are engaged and training hard from the minute they start class to the finish. I have seen growth in mind and body from 8 weeks alone! The Beestera members are also very good at communication! I highly recommend to anyone who is coming off injury and just in general to keep their skills at a high level."

      - Lauren S

"Awesome, she enjoyed all aspects of the camp. The coaches were amazing and communication. She has asked us to sign her up for private lessons with her coaches she had."

      - Bridget C

"Through Beestera- we have experienced private sessions, small group sessions, the Breakfast Club, as well as the camps and for every single experience we have been impressed. Every coach we have interacted with is knowledgeable, fun, engaging and committed. So much Thought and planning is put into every drill and every session. The coaches are encouraging and supportive while pushing the kids to challenge themselves to continue to reach for the next level. This is one of the best options available to any kid who is looking to work on themselves as a soccer player in any capacity—from improving skills to improving strength—Beestera can offer it. My interactions with both James Beeston and Mike Matera have always been positive and amazing. They love what they do and want nothing more than to provide an amazing experience for all the kids. We will continue to utilize the training opportunities that are offered through Beestera because of the outstanding job every Coach does. Thank you to Beestera for all that you offer!!"

      - Corinna H 

"It was a great experience on every level. She was well matched skill wise for her group and felt challenged with the activities. Was run in a very team centered positive way that definitely enhanced her enjoyment."

      - Kate R

"Everything from start to finish was run very smoothly. She was up early everyday throughout the camp and couldn’t wait to go back the next day. She loved her coaches and winning the little rewards and prizes seemed to be very motivating. She can not wait to go again! Thank you."

      - Amanda R

"Both my kids have been enjoying Beestera Soccer training for five years now and this summer was no exception! Superb coaching with all the training offerings including the Summer Camps, Goal Keeper sessions, Private Trainings and the new Breakfast Club."

      - Jason M

"It was another fantastic week at camp! So well organized and the instruction was top notch! I appreciate that although things may have been tough at times for Colin during the competitions, he was encouraged to continue fighting and persevere through adversity!"

      - Kurt S

"Both my sons did the Breakfast club on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer; additionally my younger son did the week long camp in Albany. Both camps were well organized and met exactly the needs of both boys! Highly recommend these camps!!"

      - Jenn M

"My 7 year old son attending his first beestera soccer camp week at the end of this summer. We were SUPER impressed by the coaches and how the week went. My son learned so much and the coaches truly seem happy to be there with all the kids! My only regret is not signing him up for the last 2 years!!"

      - Jennifer C 

"My kids age 5 & 9 had an amazing time. They were exhausted everyday and eager to go back. So many kids there and the coaches knew all of their names, I was extremely happy with the camp."

      - Nicole C

"Excellent soccer camp! This was our first year in the program and we will definitely be back. All 3 of my girls truly enjoyed their week with Beestera. I really appreciate the additional emphasis outside of skill development that focused on sportsmanship, character and being a good teammate. I highly recommend Beestera!"

      - Jennifer O-M

"This camp was amazing. My daughter loved every minute. The coaches taught her a lot and the professionalism of the staff was excellent. Will definitely send her next year to camp. In this time of covid19 I had no concerns for safety and health precautions."

      - Karrie K

"My 11 y/o did the President’s Day clinic. This was our first Beestera training and it did not disappoint. They packed a lot of training into the 2 1/2 hours. It was fun, organized and the coaches were knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend."

      - Shelly H

"If you are looking for the best soccer training that combines kindness and extreme knowledge of the game... look no further! They are so wonderful and patient as well! My nine year old comes home and is able to show me what she learned along with telling me information she learned about why she’s doing certain things! Thank you!"

      - Sara L

"Beestera training was an awesome experience for my son! He came away tired & smiling after his first session & said “It’s legit!” He feels he was pushed & actually learning new, fresh ideas, drills & useful tips. Our only complaint with Beestera is we don’t know when Bishop will be able to train with them again due to their schedule but we’re waiting to hear about opportunities they’ll have available. Beestera is that good."

      - Nicholas L

"By far one of the best camps in the area!! Coach Mike Matera and his team this week in Latham NY has helped my son Nick on his tactical, technical and speed and agility! They have gone above and beyond in making sure he has individualized instruction, tips in a positive inviting environment. This has boosted his confidence and allowed him to push through barriers. Thank You for your love of soccer and commitment to the program. You will see us at future camps offered in the area. If your looking for a program for your child check Beestera Soccer out!!!"

      - Margaret P

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