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Topic, difficulty level, time taken required equipment, description, and a layout of the exercises within the Training Plan are all available to see before beginning the warm up.

Beestera Methods

Each of our training plans have been deliberately designed to maximize time, and efficiency with minimal space and equipment needed.


Timer constantly ticking, even during the rest period. Make a note of how you did and try to better your time in your next attempt of the training plan.


⚽ 20 min workout

'Beat the Defender' series - build your confidence in any situation against a defender 

🫁 20 min workout

'HIIT Workout' series - minimal set up, maximum heat rate with & without the 

🫁 20 min workout

Using different surfaces to get you out of tight situations with a turn

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Our November & December training plans for FREE, so there is no need to purchase credits.

Training History

For periodization, keep a track of your progress - what Training Plans you completed and when you completed them.