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The "College Pathway Advising" division of Beestera Soccer Training will host an educational lecture series in tandem/combination with our online class.  These lectures will be hosted by Coach Devon Tomson, with the Beestera Soccer Staff, and other Guests such as current College Coaches and players.    


     There will be several lectures throughout the year all focusing on different subject areas in and around College Soccer, & College Recruiting.  Lectures are aimed at being engaging, and intended to help educate players as well as parents to better understand the sometimes confusing landscape of college athletics and the recruiting processes associated.  These lectures are given from real college coaches and players points of view, and broken down into "easier to process steps for success".  Aimed at helping parents guide their children to better decisions, and players to improve their chances of not only being seen by the coaches they want, but being accepted into the school that is the best fit for them and their playing careers!


     Lecture Topics will include content areas such as...


- "College Recruiting" - Understanding the landscape and where to start being recruited.  

- "The Coaches Point of View" - An in-person lecture with live coaches guest panel & real life question / answer session of college coaches of all levels.

- "The Life of a Student-Athlete" - A Real Life look into the life of a college level student athlete, with real student-athlete guest speakers of varying divisions and levels.

- "Crunch Time" - How to Make Final Decisions in determining the best school to commit to for you.  On Campus Visits, ID Camps, Financial Packages, and other final criteria in making informed decisions. 



"Getting Recruited. Where to Start & What to Know".


The first in a series, this lecture is the starting point for any high school age athlete interested in playing their sport at the next level.  Providing useful tips and knowledge of what to know and how to improve your chances of being recruited.  This lecture breaks the sometimes confusing recruiting landscape down into an easier to understand start point for any high level athlete and their family.

Thursday March 2nd 


Clifton Park Courtyard Marriott

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