Beestera Soccer Training was formed in Albany, New York in 2015 by then professional players James Beeston and Mike Matera. Having had the experience of coaching at the collegiate and club level, Mike and James understood that player development occurs at various speeds in a larger team setting. Wanting to maximize the individual growth of the player, Beestera was created as a specialized training tool in a smaller group setting to supplement participation in a team.

Initially starting with individual and small group sessions, the demand for our training methods led to the introduction of Beestera summer camps in 2015. The popularity of our camps since their launch has allowed us to host a multitude of camps and clinics throughout the United States.


The continued growth of the company led to Matthew Needham joining the staff in June 2017 allowing us to launch a new feature of team training in the Capital Region. By applying some of our training methods in a team unit, the rate of collective development has been noticeable among teams, with better retention rate of players occurring throughout teams due to improved performance. In February 2019, Beestera expanded into another city and state, Hartford, Connecticut with Matt relocating and applying our methods.


As momentum kept building in Albany, Beestera branched out into Goalkeeping Training in May 2019, with former professional goalkeeper Ryan Brooks-Newton heading up the operations in Albany.  Mike Matera became full-time with the company after completing his Masters Degree in July 2019. As Camp Director, his biggest task was to oversee our 2019 summer camps, which saw over 400 players attend over the course of two months.

2020 brought its challenges, but the staff adapted to the best of their ability to overcome. From virtual sessions to online interviews with established players and coaches around the world, the biggest success was completing 10 weeks of summer camps in compliance with CDC and State guidelines while maintaining a fun environment and coming away with no positive COVID-19 cases.

23 February, 2015

Beestera Soccer Training is formed

in Albany, New York by James Beeston & Mike Matera

6 June, 2018

James Beeston takes on a full-time role as a supplemental trainer & head of marketing.

30 Jan, 2019

Became Official Youth Partners of New York City Football Club

12 March, 2019

Josh Binfield joins in the staff on a part-time basis.

22 May, 2019

Mike Matera finishes his Masters Degree & takes on a full-time role as Camp Director

10 March, 2017

Became official ambassadors of equipment provider SKLZ

Needham Clear.png

15 October, 2018

Matt Needham takes on a full-time role as Director of Team Training & Finances.


12 February, 2019

Beestera expands into Hartford, Connecticut.

1 May, 2019

Beestera expands into goalkeeping as Ryan Brooks-Newton becomes the Beestera Goalkeeping Coach

6 October, 2020

'Beestera Sports' is announced with the additional of 'Beestera Football' led by QB coach Billy Pine.

11 October, 2020

Beestera partners with  StatSports for the #ProLevels campaign.

10 March, 2021

Beestera partners with Nike Soccer Camps